The pressure to remain competitive has become permanent in today’s business environment. In such times of rapid change, corporate restructuring represents an opportunity to ensure long-term survival and growth. Corporate restructuring may also have positive causes.  Alternatively, restructuring may be required to maintain close contact with your clients and keep your business operational.

Corporate restructuring may target the whole company or be limited to parts of it. With Vegas Java Business Group we provide hands-on advice, and a critical and independent professional opinion for our clients. We do not avoid delicate issues such as outsourcing, relocating at lower-cost locations or dismissals. No matter what issue we deal with, at Vegas Java Business Group we seek out the best possible solution for our clients´ needs.

Our advice includes:

  • Independent business reviews (strategic, financial)
  • Identification of restructuring potentials, development of restructuring concepts and accompaniment of their implementation
  • Controlling of restructuring
  • Management of liquidity
  • Personnel Management
  • Identification of potential strategic investors
  • Relocation of operations to lower-cost sites
  • Reorganization of particular functions such as operations and sales
  • Renegotiation of labor contracts to reduce overhead
  • Renegotiation of corporate debt to reduce interest payments
  • Sale of under-utilized assets
  • Outsourcing of operations  to a more efficient third party

A company that follows our advice on corporate restructuring will be leaner, more efficient, better organized and more focused on its core business and most of all more profitable.