Human Resources

Human Resource departments are responsible for maintaining solid communication between employees and administration. From regulating federal guidelines on discrimination to hiring and terminating employees, human resource professionals perform a variety of tasks related to maintaining this line of communication. Like other departments, human resources is not restricted to one level or tier; human resource managers oversee HR departments and provide further administrative support to higher management professionals. Likewise, a human resource consultant at Vegas Java Business Group holds a position of authority among other HR professionals and acts in a supervisory role with a wide range of responsibilities.

An HR consultant will “perform advanced, specialized and administrative duties in a designated human resource program or section area,” and is responsible for providing high-level support in the administration of a human resources program.”

Basic services include but are not limited to:

  • Build, manage, qualify, and maintain a database of clients and prospects that are aligned to the business opportunity in your specific market.
  • Effectively recruit, interview, train, coach and develop talent while understanding their needs and helping them meet their professional goals
  • Work with a unit partner to effectively manage the profitability of your business including volume, pricing, and management.
  • Working with your team through change management
  • Create effective performance appraisals and annual growth plans.
  • Conduct background checks and follow through on the entire new hire process from start to finish.
  • Meet with potential employees for interviews either in person or via skype if out of state.
  • Complete reference checks on all potential applicants.
  • Develop compensation programs that align with your company objectives
  • Payroll services with selected providers to include all of payroll management and reporting

hrm functions