Executive Team

President of Operational Management


Matthew Resler is a leading business executive in the Las Vegas market who focuses on all forms of business management including: property management, legal entities, non-profits, retail outlets, real estate firms, asset management and entertainment. Matthew is consistently providing corporate strategy for maximum scaling and growth, while providing an emphasis on revenue generation through proficient operational and sales management. Matthew works with a successful hands on approach and utilizes his 25 years of business experience, along with proven strategies to drive success metrics.

Matthew Resler is known for streamlining operations for efficiency, financial management and building solid relationships.  He has extensive knowledge in facilitating change in the workforce to support re-engineering initiatives to meet organizational objectives. With a certification in Lean Six Sigma and it’s proven methodology, Matthew can analyze processes with expertise and recommend and reduce flaws within most organizations with consistent success.

You can email Matthew directly at Matthew@VegasJavaGroup.com

Contact Phone: 702-277-0708